TCA Sticker

Show your pride in Thetford and your hope for our future with a 3x5 TCA sticker! Not too small for cars, not too big for laptops, they're sturdy and weather-resistant.

You can pay in person outside the pastor's office at the Congregational Church in Thetford Hill, where you can pick up these stickers and our lawn signs. If you would like your stickers delivered, you can pay online and we'll mail them to you.

$4 donation per sticker


Yard Sign

It's easy to ignore the climate crisis somewhere as beautiful as the Upper Valley, but we're already feeling its effects. Until that impact becomes more obvious, we've created red yard signs that are much harder to overlook. We have run out of time to kick this problem down the road, and are asking our neighbors, our elected officials and anyone who sees our signs to recognize the emergency.


They're available for pickup outside the pastor's office at the Thetford Congregational Church. We appreciate your support of $8 per sign, which you can donate at the church or online. Thank you!

$8 donation per sign