Extinction Rebellion Bioregional Riverfest

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

September 27, 11am Lyman Park, White River Junction, VT (next to City Hall)

In support of the youth of today, a one-hundred percent non-violent event

Lyman Park is a place of power where the White River joins in confluence with the mighty Connecticut---the main artery of life in our bioregion. Participants are encouraged to bring banners, signs, musical instruments, costumes, art, food---anything related to a riverfest event---use your imagination!

Folks not available for NVDA (non-violent direct action) are entirely welcome and encouraged to join in and gather at the park and hopefully have some positive interaction with the public.

We will set up a tent and table. Serve refreshments. Have information about Just Transition and Regenerative Agriculture and what a bioregional perspective could mean for transforming our industrial growth society into an ecological civilization. We are trying to line up musicians to play in the kiosk and may have a giant puppet performance.

We will initiate a Public Assembly to talk about why we have gathered together. How might we go about restoring the Great River? What would a healed watershed look like?

What wider changes in our world will need to happen to make that regenerative vision a reality?

We will see if we have a quorum of folks available for NVDA who want to form a parade to the bridge. If not, the entire event can remain staged at the park. We won’t have a permit. Our intention is to reclaim this public space in the name of wild nature.

The principal purpose of XRUV’s participation in Strike Week is to stand in solidarity with the students in the Strike for Climate movement by proclaiming to our local communities that business as usual—acting as if we are not in an existential crisis—is going to lead to societal collapse, mass displacement, disease, famine and war, and maybe even ecological collapse and mass species die-off.

We have heard the voices of youth leadership pleading with us and demanding that we who have the full legal agency of adults act to safeguard their futures. The time is now for us to pull together and begin immediately to work on designing a Just Transition to an ecologically viable form of human civic organization.

So please come join together at the river! Tell your friends and spread the word!

Questions? Contact Stephen Leslie at hartlandyoga@yahoo.com.

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