Update on Town Issues

Town Meeting approaches! Please attend and encourage your Thetford friends and neighbors to join you.

Update from Nick Clark

  • There is a $14,838 article for a Regional Energy Coordinator that will be voted on at Town Meeting Day, Saturday, February 29th. It needs to pass in all 7 participating towns, including Thetford.

  • The Energy Committee’s line item is budgeted to increase 381% to $2,885 after years of seeing their budget reduced. Some of their upcoming work this year might include siting charging stations. 

  • We added a new $400 contribution to a previously established but now defunct Energy Fund. This money will carry over year after year and can be used for energy related projects (such as grant matches, weatherization, etc.).

  • We increased our contribution to the Conservation Fund from $2,500 to $4,000, again after years of reduction. This fund is commonly used to purchase conservation easements in town, which help protect local habitat.

  • We’re putting $10,000 into a Town Land Maintenance Fund to match an existing $10,000 balance. The Conservation Commission will use part of this fund in 2020 to treat invasive plants on Town Lands, helping the town protect its native forests.

  • Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, but Thetford is preparing to replace one of its police cruisers in 2020, and a Ford hybrid option is a top contender.