Planning Commission Meeting, 9/17

This week, the Energy Committee voted to recommend that the new town plan start with a Declaration of Climate Emergency. On Tuesday evening, September 17, at 7:00 pm, the Planning Commission will hold a hearing at Town Hall on the draft plan. 

Please come to the hearing to support the Energy Committee's recommendation.

The Energy Committee is recommending language to be added to the plan in Chapter 1 Introduction and Chapter 7 Energy. 

The Declaration of Climate Emergency would be inserted as the first paragraphs of the Introduction. 

The Committee also recommends that the Planning Commission start the Energy chapter with a Preamble and Disclaimer, describing what the planning in that chapter does and does not address.

The proposed changes (PDF) affect pages 1, 2 and 83 of the draft plan. The proposed amendments to the the Planning Commission's draft are in blue text with change bars. 

Download the Planning Commission's draft plan.

The town needs to acknowledge the climate emergency and make our response to it an organizing principle for every aspect of planning for the future. Please come out on Tuesday to support the Energy Committee's recommendation. 

If you can't be there in person, please consider submitting a written comment. It can be as simple as "Please adopt the Energy Committee's recommended amendments to the draft town plan".

Written comments may be sent to Planning Commission chair Jason Crance at or to clerk Dean Whitlock at


Stuart Blood