Sen. MacDonald, support the Vt. Green New Deal!

A number of climate emergency-related bills have been introduced in the Vermont legislature this session, including the Global Warming Solutions Act, sponsored by Rep. Tim Briglin. One bill in particular, however, stands out as strong because it would immediately raise substantial revenue to make investments to meet the state's climate change goals, with no broad-based tax, no carbon fee, and no impact on the taxes of 95% of Vermonters. Senate bill S.311, the Vermont Green New Deal, establishes a fund, administered by the State Treasurer, to finance weatherization, renewable heating systems, electric vehicles and public transportation. It will raise $30 million per year from a surcharge on the income tax of the wealthiest 5% of Vermonters, those with incomes over $200,000. The surcharge will be paid exclusively by the wealthiest 5% of Vermonters, who have received big tax cuts due to the federal “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” and are in fact saving $237 million a year in federal taxes. In order for the bill to advance, it must be voted out of the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Our Senator Mark MacDonald is on that committee but he is not one of the 14 cosponsors of the bill. We, his constituents, can play a role in the passage of the Vermont Green New Deal by persuading Senator MacDonald to support it. Please take a moment, right now, to send Senator MacDonald a short email, or call, to ask him to support the scheduling of hearings on S.311, the bill for a Vermont New Green Deal, as soon as possible. If you believe we have a climate emergency, please tell him so.  Thanks, Stuart Blood Contact information for Senator MacDonald (Committee Member on Senate Natural Resources and Energy)

  • Email:

  • Phone: (802) 272-1101

  • Mailing Address: 404 MacDonald Rd., Williamstown, VT 05679

  • Sergeant at Arms (to have a legislative page deliver a message to him Tues-Fri): 802-828-2228

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