Join the Climate Strike on Sept. 20 (and that's just the beginning)

Many of us are coming together in Thetford and the Upper Valley on September 20th to join 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and other youths around the world in a Global Climate Strike. We hope you will join us. 

Greta and millions of youths today understand that their future will be destroyed unless political leaders urgently act to address the climate crisis. On September 20th, we will join them to disrupt business-as-usual to make clear to leaders we all need to make our youths’ future a top priority.

The people of Thetford and Vermont have a history of stepping up to lead at critical times in history to create a more just, compassionate, democratic, and egalitarian world, and we are called on to do so again.

WHEN: September 20th

WHAT & HOW: Let’s show our profound support and commitment to our youth on September 20th by:

  • Taking the day off from work and joining with people all over the world to send a clear message to leaders that business as usual can’t continue and that it’s time for them to act.

  • Gathering on the Thetford Hill Green from 7:30 to 9:30 AM on the 20th. Feel free to bring a sign!

  • Joining our new organization, the Thetford Climate Alliance. We are a group of concerned Thetford citizens who seek a better future for our children. We respect and support our young people in their environmental activism and encourage their leadership. Together, we can face the uncomfortable questions we can no longer ignore — and create a sustainable economy, a recovering environment and a future in which Thetford's children are healthy, happy and optimistic about the world they live in for many generations to come.

  • Letting our Selectboard and Planning Commission know that you support adding the Declaration of a Climate Emergency to the Town Plan. The proposed changes (PDF) affect pages 1, 2 and 83 of the draft plan. (The proposed amendments to the Planning Commission's draft are in blue text with change bars.) You can speak at the public hearing at Town Hall Tuesday, 17 Sept. @ 7pm, or you can write to Planning Commission chair Jason Crance at or to clerk Dean Whitlock at

  • Join some of the growing list of events at that are being planned for not just the 20th but all of next week. There are excellent places to plug into larger events in White River, Montpelier and Burlington.

The Strike is a completely open and democratic activity, unaffiliated with any political party, religious institution or cultural group.

WHY: We are already seeing the impacts of a planet that’s getting too hot: climate refugees and the immigration crisis, devastating storms, droughts, and fires, all resulting in increasing social and economic instability. You can learn more about the impacts of the climate crisis in the summary of this United Nations report.

If climate is not your first concern, consider its impact on the following and join the Strike for their sake:

  • Refugees, Immigrants and Migrants: Climate-caused dislocation is sending tens of millions of people from their homes already; if we do not act now, it will soon be hundreds of millions

  • Shortages of Food and Water: Hunger and thirst are already being increased by climate-caused crop failure and drought—this will be far worse if we continue as things are

  • Eroding Democracy and Freedom: Fear, insecurity and social disruption can drive people to turn to authoritarian leaders and forms of government, giving up freedom and rights in exchange for a false sense of safety and security; corporations and billionaires can consolidate power even more

  • Racism and Bigotry: As resources become scarce and people compete for privilege and power, group identity can become fanatical and fascist

  • Militarism and War: Conflicts over resources and borders will increase

  • Economic Inequity and Poverty: The poorest people will suffer most

Join us! Contact us at, follow us @thetfordclimate on Twitter, or visit us at

Scot Zens