Green Fleet Policy Victory!

On Monday night, the Thetford Selectboard unanimously adopted the Green Fleet Policy in a meeting room that was filled with residents who spoke in favor of it! We're passing along Nick Clark's statement on the meeting, but first there’s one simple, important step that each of us can take right now to help solidify this victory. Please thank the Selectboard ( right away. Your message can be as short as Thank you for adopting the Green Fleet Policy

You can write even if you haven’t done so before, or haven’t been able to attend a Selectboard meeting. It’s important that the board knows that a lot of residents care, because more climate-related policy discussions are coming soon. 

If you’re a TA student, it’s especially important that the board hear from you, so mention in your note that you’re a student.

Thank you all for your support!

Statement from Selectboard Member Nick Clark

The Thetford Selectboard voted to adopt the Green Fleet Policy! This is one small step for our planet and one giant leap for us. 

There were times during the discussion when I had to hold back tears. The initial and unexpected resistance to the policy from certain people left me feeling distraught – my stubborn optimism wavered – yet having seen the Selectboard inbox fill with emails and the meeting itself fill with residents provided me with tremendous emotional relief. And hope.

The Green Fleet Policy did not pass because of any one elected official. It passed because the unexpected happened, because we surprised ourselves by filling a room with a common goal, which was to take one small (yet symbolic) step towards addressing our town's emissions. 

This small victory does not belong to the Selectboard. It belongs to the people who wrote in, showed up, put up Climate Emergency signs, made calls, talked to neighbors, and built democracy – thank you. It was a room full of citizens – not politicians – that made the decision to move our town forward on energy policy. It would not have happened without all of us.

Here’s the lesson: we have to stay involved if we want to keep moving forward. We have to fill more rooms with more common goals. We have to give each other hope by continuing to do this work together.

Nick Clark