Climate Change and Life Itself: a Hopeful New Perspective

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Friday September 20th, 3 pm

Thetford Hill Church, Newcomb Room

Join us for a brief report from the front lines of ecosystems, and a community conversation about where to go next. Facilitated by Didi Pershouse, author of The Ecology of Care and founder of The Center for Sustainable Medicine and the Land and Leadership Initiative.

Join us in a rich community conversation exploring the role that ecosystems play in regulating regional weather systems and the global climate--and our own role in collaborating with other species to restore the climate we want. You will come away with a new understanding of the life-giving work that other species do to regulate temperatures, cloud formation, rainfall, flooding, CO2, and more.

Please bring your worries, hopes, questions, thoughts, and views of the future as we explore this new landscape of understanding and the many possibilities for action it creates.

Farmers, ranchers, and other land managers from around the world are showing us that simple changes in land management can help cool the climate, prevent flooding, and provide community resilience during extreme weather events. This offers a new choice for all of us in how we act to change the history of the planet, and an opportunity for us to use our minds, hands and hearts in service to life itself.

Sponsored by The Land and Leadership Initiative and the First Congregational Church in Thetford.

Questions? Contact Didi Pershouse.